-Season 1 KickstarTer

-goal: $7500

-Final total: $10,555

-170 backers

-Season 2 Kickstarter

-Goal: $50,000

-Final Total: $57,244

-362 Backers

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The kickstartER campaigns 

In the summer of 2012 a kickstarter campaign was launched
to fund the entire first season of BLACK. The team shot a
proof of concept trailer that was designed to show
what the production team behind black was able to create
on a very limited budget.

After a detailed video was produced to pitch the series, the
kickstarter campaign was launched with a 30 day deadline.
Thanks to the hard work of our team and the generous
support of many others we not only acheived our goal but
exceeded it!

Then in the summer of 2014 the team behind black went back
to their fans and asked if they wanted to see more. The
answer was a resounding yes! Over $50,000 was raised and
the team went back to work on season 2 of black.

The team at black sends constant updates to our backers as
well as some special giveaways for their amazing support.
for further info check it out here: